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Welcome to sandbox_society - a community dedicated to the AU story based on Kubo Tite's series "Bleach". The Sandbox Society universum was invented by bosska_ak, gokuma, marianek, and marinliliz.

This community is bilingual: English and Polish.
You don't have to draw fanarts/write fafics to join. Everyone's invited ;D


The community is yaoi (slash) and mpreg friendly. Some of the fanarts and fanfics can contain adult materials (including written materials and images of homosexual male eroticism) that are not intended for those under 18.

Storyline (or Who is Who in the Sandbox)

The war with Aizen is over.

The great threat has disappeared and both Soul Society and Earth are safe. The peace slowly settles down; wounds are healed; prisoners await trial and punishment. The Shinigami go back to their normal life and their families.

Byakuya and Renji's son - Hikaru Kuchiki - is already 6 months old.

Two years later, Jyuushirou Ukitake and Shunsui Kyouraku become parents of twins - Yuu and Ren.

On Earth, Ichigo Kurosaki marries Rukia Kuchiki.

Tousen Kaname, put under house arrest after the trial, again becomes close to his long-time friend, Komamura Sajin. Three years after the final battle, Kaname and Sajin's son - Susumu - is born.

- Byakuya x Renji (kids: Hikaru and Kaoru)
- Shunsui x Ukitake (kids Yuu and Ren - twins)
- Komamura x Tousen (son Susumu)
- Ichigo x Rukia (son Hitsuji and daughter Masaki)
- Kenpachi x Hanatarou (son Taiki)
- Grimmjaw x Soi Fong
- Urahara x Yoruichi
- Ishida x Orihime

Kids (from the oldest one):
KUCHIKI HIKARU - Byakuya and Renji's son, Kaoru's brother
UKITAKE YUU - Jyuushirou and Shunsui's son, Ren's twin brother
UKITAKE REN - Jyuushirou and Shunsui's son, Yuu's twin brother
Hitsuji Kurosaki - Rukia and Ichigo's son, Masaki's brother
KOMAMURA SUSUMU - Kaname and Saijin's son
KUROSAKI MASAKI - Rukia and Ichigo's daughter, Hitsuji's sister
KUCHIKI KAORU - Byakuya and Renji's son, Hikaru's brother
Yamada Taiki - Kenpachi and Hanatarou's son


1. No spam!
2. No flaming or trolling.
3. No plagiarism.
4. No god-moding (writing about NEW, important facts - for example, a birth of a new child, somebody's death, divorce, marriage - without asking the MODS isn't allowed!)
6. The entries should specify in the subject if they're a fic, fanart, icons, discussion etc.
7. All fanfics, fanarts and images larger than 100x100 pixels should be put under lj cut.
8. All NSFW material should be f-locked.
9. All fanfiction and fanart posts should be labeled according to this pattern:

10. Please TAG all your entries with the provided tags. Especially the language of fanfics.
11. HAVE FUN! :)

If you have any questions after reading the rules , feel free to ask HERE


If you want to join our community (and don't have any entries on your livejournal account!) send us a private message to confirm that you're not a bot.

Some of the fics are translations - help and edits will be appreciated.

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"Bleach" manga is property of Tite Kubo (save a few OCs, product of fangirl brainstorming ;))
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